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At Southern Panther we do not filter our rum. 

Occasionally you may see sediment or a haziness form in the bottle if it has been unmoved for a long period of time, or has experienced some temperature change. 


This is due to normally soluble compounds chaining or clumping together (flocculation) over time and becoming visible.  This is relatively normal for unfiltered, and sometimes even non-chill filtered rums and whiskeys.

These oils, esters, phenols, and fatty acids are carried over naturally in our double pot distillation, and give our rum its texture and flavors.  We use an extremely high grade of local molasses to create this product and want to express these flavors and aromas in their purist forms.


The more of these compounds that are in Ouroboros, the bolder and fuller the flavor, and the richer the texture

of the final spirit. 

Thus, no filtration.

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