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Southern Panther Distillery

Small Production.  Hand Crafted.  Made in Florida.

At Southern Panther Distillery, we want to create the best product for you.  Using local specialty ingredients, our goal is to make your mouth happy.

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The selection of products manufactured by Southern Panther Distillery is of the highest quality.  We guarantee every sip will be delicious.


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1st Release (306 Bottles)

Ouroboros is Aged in Small Format, Charred, American Oak Barrels and is 100% Grown, Fermented, Distilled, Aged and Bottled in Florida.


This rum is made from an extremely high grade, locally produced molasses, and double pot distilled to carry over as much of the botanical, spicy, and fruity compounds from the fermentation to the rum as possible.  It is then aged in heavily charred (new and used) 30 gallon American Oaks barrels which finishes the rum with cedar, vanilla, and a little smoke that even a die hard whiskey drinker will love. 


Ouroboros Reserve Rum is Unfiltered (purists rejoice!) and may have sediment*.  


About SPD

Our first label, Ouroboros, signifies the eternal cycle of the beginning and the end.  For us, it is the start of a new path emerging from decades of experience in the restaurant industry.  Founder and owner, Jeff Wandzek, is a Sommelier and has been in the restaurant business for almost 30 years.  His love of wine and spirits led to the creation of Southern Panther Distillery.  Focused on high-end, unique, and local products, we hope you enjoy our creation as much as we do.

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